8441 Ivy Springs Lane West Jordan Utah 84081

If you are parked on the street between Midnight and 6:00 am or longer than 1 week (continuous same spot) in visitor parking you will be towed.
No unlicensed or broken down vehicles allowed in visitor parking
Snowy Mountain Towing 801-685-8300

New:  Residents we are working on making it easier for the Board to communicate important community information. We have added a new page for contact information please fill out the Email Registration form so we can communicate more quickly and keep our mailing cost down.
 Thank You

New:   The 2015 Insurance Certificate has been attached to the HOA Documents Page.  If your mortgage company has requested a copy please download or print the file and send it to them.

Pet Fine:  All owners not immediately picking up after their pet will be fined the maximum amount of $200.00

 Rain Gutters leaking send the HOA and email with you address and location of leak we will add you to the work order to be performed late summer early fall.

Freezing Pipes Alert!

Please be advised that when the temperature gets below 25 degrees there is a good possibility of your pipes freezing up!

Things you can do to help reduce this problem.

  1. When the temperature drops below 25 degrees, leave a very small stream of cold water running at night when you retire for the evening.
  2. If you have a water pipes and faucet against an exterior wall underneath a cabinet, open the doors on the cabinet at night to allow room temperature heat inside the cabinet.
  3. Leave the HEAT turned up a bit higher at night.
  4. If you leave town, turn off the water isolation valve to your unit and make sure the heat is not set below 65 degrees.
  5. If there is a vacant unit in your building please contact management.
  6. Locate the building water shut off valve outside in front of the building. 

If your pipes do freeze please call the management office at 278-5060, 641-1069 or 949-4030.  The association uses Millcreek Plumbing for this service.  801.518.2114 or 801.573.7137.

Christmas Decorations

It is always a delight to see all the Christmas decorations around the community!  Please remember the following rules regarding decorative lights  and proper tree disposal (as stated in the Ivy Springs Homeowner’s 
Association Rules and Regulations):

All exterior holiday decorations and lighting cannot be put 
up before 45 days of the holiday celebrated and must be removed from sight within 30 days after the holiday that is celebrated.   All Christmas Trees must be removed from the community immediately and are not allowed to be placed out on the street or any other location within the community. $100.00 fine for any violation of this rule.

Christmas Tree Recycling Options

Residents can drop off their Christmas trees for recycling the two weeks after Christmas at the following three locations: 

1.  West Jordan Soccer Complex, 7876 S. 4000 West 

2.  Constitution Park (west parking lot), 3200 W. 7000 South 

3.  West Jordan Community Swimming Pool, 8125 S. 2200 West

For more detailed tree disposal guidelines, visit http://www.ci.west-jordan.ut.us