8441 Ivy Springs Lane West Jordan Utah 84081

If you are parked on the street between Midnight and 6:00 am or longer than 1 week (continuous same spot) in visitor parking you will be towed.
No unlicensed or broken down vehicles allowed in visitor parking
Snowy Mountain Towing 801-685-8300

New:  Residents we are working on making it easier for the Board to communicate important community information. We have added a new page for contact information please fill out the Email Registration form so we can communicate more quickly and keep our mailing cost down.
 Thank You

New:   The 2014 Insurance Certificate has been attached to the HOA Documents Page.  If your mortgage company has requested a copy please download or print the file and send it to them.

Pet Fine:  All owners not immediately picking up after their pet will be fined the maximum amount of $200.00

 Rain Gutters leaking send the HOA and email with you address and location of leak we will add you to the work order to be performed late summer early fall.


March 2014

Annual Meeting Coming!

  • If you want to join the Board please let us know
  • Ballot Items:
    • Community Garden
    • Picnic area north side of clubhouse
    • Changing the Terms of Board Members

Parking Reminder

  • No Parking on street Midnight to 6am
  • No Broken down or unlicensed vehicles in visitor parking
  • No parking continually same spot for more than 1 week
  • Note:  Board does not monitor parking we act when we get resident complaints

Pet Issues

Pet waste please make sure you are picking up after your animals fines start at 200.00 and go up from there.  If you have dog waste near your unit you may get a letter and or fine if it’s not your dog or you have no dog you may want to inform the Board of the issue and who’s dog it is so we can take appropriate action.

New Monthly Meeting Time

The management committee will be meeting on the first Wednesday of each month at 7:30 pm in the clubhouse.

Maintenance Issues

If you have leaky rain gutters this spring please make certain that you contact the management committee so that we can get you on the list for repairs.

The insurance company is now mandating that we perform a comprehensive inspection of the fire system in the 27 buildings that have this service on an annual basis.  Hopefully this ongoing maintenance will help to eliminate the alarms that have been going off.

Our insurance carrier has also mandated that there should be no BBQ grills used or kept on the balconies or patios in our community.  Fire danger is ever present with such equipment.